How to save costs while setting up a new practice

7 December 2017Industry Insights

As a fairly new doctor you might feel that you’ve gained enough clinical experience and therefore, you’re ready for the freedom and flexibility of owning and running your own practice. […]

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Trends impacting medical practices in South Africa

4 December 2017Expertise

The future of medical practices is transforming at an alarming rate. Business and medical technology trends are constantly changing and knowing which trends to keep up with isn’t always easy. […]

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How to use technology to help your practice save time

28 November 2017Expertise

Patient care is almost always time-constrained due to an overflow of patients, staff inefficiencies, and an often demanding admin system- compounded with a restricted number of hours in a day. […]

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Improve practice productivity with these 3 tips

23 November 2017Expertise

As a doctor and practice owner, your income has a direct correlation to the number of consultations you can make within a certain time period. But, it is well known […]

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How to run your practice like a small business: part 1

19 October 2017Expertise

As a doctor, your top priority is treating patients. But, when running your own practice, you need to ensure that your practice remains afloat, your staff are paid, you have […]

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3 med- tech trends to improve your practice admin process

21 September 2017Industry Insights

A recent report, from a survey carried out across more than 3000 companies in 11 countries, has revealed that small businesses spend up to 240 hours per year on administrative […]

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5 steps to launch a thriving practice admin process

10 September 2017Expertise

Having an efficient admin process can lead to a better patient experience and a more profitable practice. The fact is, satisfied patients pay on time and refer other patients. It […]

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When small data trumps BIG DATA

14 August 2017Industry Insights

Big Data is a term used to describe large and complex data sets which reveal certain patterns that can help with decision-making.   It’s a compelling concept: want to understand […]

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How to make your practice more profitable

10 July 2017Expertise

With the current economic climate patients will have to continue to look for ways to cut back on expenses, and may well scale back on their healthcare expenditure. As practices […]

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How quickly is your practice ageing?

26 June 2017Industry Insights

Collections are one of the most critical functions of any business, yet for many medical practices, it often goes unmeasured. Many medical professionals don’t have a clear picture of how […]

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Millennials: getting to know the patients of tomorrow

Millennials: Getting to Know the Patients of Tomorrow

13 June 2017Expertise

When medical professionals think of Millennials it is often in the context of the social media generation, constantly glued to their phones. Millennials are digitally native with an active online […]

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Why doctors need to embrace digital now

Why Doctors Need to Embrace Digital Now

30 May 2017Opinion

The digital revolution has, over the past decade, shaped a range of industries, from music to retail, travel, banking; and even corporate culture. This move towards innovation and digital has […]

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SA’s Junk Status is the New Health Scare for Medical Professionals

22 May 2017Industry Insights

SA’s Junk Status is the New Health Scare  South Africa’s healthcare is facing tough and complex challenges. This is partly due to an ageing population and the growing prevalence of […]

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Is Money Being Left on the Table?

4 May 2017Industry Insights

  Is Money Being Left on the Table? As a medical practitioner, how you bill for procedures and consumables can have a huge impact on your bottom-line. For example, a pilot […]

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Dr Digital: How to Manage Change During a Software Swap

26 April 2017Expertise

It all comes down to relationships, really. Medical practitioners value and understand relationships – from providers to patients, they’ve built their practice on their ability to connect with people on […]

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