5 steps to going paperless at your practice

4 April 2018Tech Talk

The benefits of going paperless at the point-of-care have been explored extensively in the last decade. The list of pros include: less waste, fewer duplicate tests, better quality data, and […]

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A best practice guide for choosing medical practice software

27 March 2018Industry Insights

Choosing billing and practice management software doesn’t have to be an exhaustive, painstaking process. Whether you’ve outgrown your current medical billing software or you are transitioning to a paper-light system […]

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3 ways to be an even better medical practice manager this year!

13 February 2018Expertise

As a practice manager, your role often entails managing appointment scheduling & billing, overseeing staff, as well as taking care of other necessary tasks within the practice. You bring all […]

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The ultimate cheat sheet for managing your practice

13 February 2018Expertise

When a patient chooses to come to your practice, they are evaluating it, not only on the service provided by the doctor but also by the efficiency of the admin […]

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2018 New Year resolutions to consider for your medical practice service

29 January 2018Industry Insights

Improving collection tools I’m sure you are already off to an eventful 2018. After all, patient care is an ‘always-on-demand’ service, so January is a busy time for you, like […]

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What 2017 taught us, and why it matters to you as a practice owner?

22 January 2018Industry Insights

2017 was a year characterised by bold headlines internationally and within South Africa. From the tragedy at Life Esidimeni care facility, to the country being downgraded to junk by top […]

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6 small business skills for setting up a new medical practice

14 December 2017Expertise

As a new doctor, choosing to go the independent route by starting your own practice can be an exciting time. The freedom of owning your time, choosing who to serve […]

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Protecting patient data in 2018

14 December 2017Tech Talk

The new year is upon us and for many it’s started with a bang. But although there may be a need to get back into routine as fast as possible, […]

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How to save costs while setting up a new practice

7 December 2017Expertise

As a fairly new doctor you might feel that you’ve gained enough clinical experience and therefore, you’re ready for the freedom and flexibility of owning and running your own practice. […]

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Trends impacting medical practices in South Africa

4 December 2017Expertise

The future of medical practices is transforming at an alarming rate. Business and medical technology trends are constantly changing and knowing which trends to keep up with isn’t always easy. […]

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How to use technology to help your practice save time

28 November 2017Expertise

Patient care is almost always time-constrained due to an overflow of patients, staff inefficiencies, and an often demanding admin system- compounded with a restricted number of hours in a day. […]

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Improve practice productivity with these 3 tips

23 November 2017Expertise

As a doctor and practice owner, your income has a direct correlation to the number of consultations you can make within a certain time period. But, it is well known […]

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How to run your practice like a small business: part 1

19 October 2017Expertise

As a doctor, your top priority is treating patients. But, when running your own practice, you need to ensure that your practice remains afloat, your staff are paid, you have […]

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3 med- tech trends to improve your practice admin process

21 September 2017Industry Insights

A recent report, from a survey carried out across more than 3000 companies in 11 countries, has revealed that small businesses spend up to 240 hours per year on administrative […]

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5 steps to launch a thriving practice admin process

10 September 2017Expertise

Having an efficient admin process can lead to a better patient experience and a more profitable practice. The fact is, satisfied patients pay on time and refer other patients. It […]

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