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Now practices can instantly check whether any medically insured patient has enough funds to cover a consultation. The swift response empowers practices to better manage the risk of non-payment prior to submission of claims. Over 90% of all claims are delivered electronically to medical aids in South Africa. Achieving accuracy in claim delivery and responses from medical aids is a complex process.
healthbridge provides
  • Benefit checks for any medically insured patient, prior to claim submission
  • Claims submission to all medical aids
  • Immediate response with unique reference number for all claims
  • Guaranteed proof of delivery for all claims
  • Immediate line-by-line claim processing against all scheme rules & patient benefits for 80% of medical aids
Processed Claim 
Our ability to send claims in real time ensures direct processing for 85% of medical aids with immediate line-by-line responses. You will know what the medical aid will (or will not) pay for, before the patient leaves your practice.
Received Claim
Our Received Claim product ensures electronic delivery of claims to medical aids when we are unable to offer a Processed Claim. It provides instant, guaranteed proof of claim submission.


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  healthbridge services more than 90% of the entire pathology network.
  healthbridge services more than 85% of the entire radiology market. 
  The healthbridge hospital suite consists of integrated electronic messaging products.
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