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Healthbridge is a proven platform trusted by more than 5 000 medical professionals. Our billing platform will automate your practice processes, so you can get paid what you deserve, faster.

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myMPS - Cloud-based medical billing & practice management software.
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iHealth - Cloud-based billing & practice management software for Anaesthetists.
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Benefit Checker - Check patient benefits prior to patient consult.
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Fully processed claiming - Send claims in real-time, simply and easily.
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billing software


Let us show you how easy it is to manage patient visit history, clinical notes and pathology reports, schedule follow-up appointments, create sick notes, prescriptions and referrals and so much more.

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Healthbridge Clinical - Cloud-based electronic medical record designed for General Practitioners & Consulting Physicians.
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myMPS with Clinical Notes

myMPS with Clinical Notes - Cloud-based Clinical Notes designed for Allieds.
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iHealth with MxNode App - Specialised cloud-based app designed for Anesthetists.
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Do you provide admin services to medical practices? Our cloud-based, user-friendly, configurable platform is designed specifically for Bureau providers and the practices they serve.


iHealth for Bureaus - Cloud-based, user-friendly, configurable platform for bureau providers.
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Click here to download a best practice
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“Healthbridge is like the flowing
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Dr. Rajkissor & Dr. Vanmari
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without a clouded mind.”
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Healthbridge is a leading provider of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and medical billing software in South Africa

We save doctors time and money with state-of-the-art practice management software. Healthbridge caters for a wide range of medical practitioners and industry specialists. This includes general practitioners (GPs), allied professionals, specialists, optometrists, dentists, start-up practices, hospitals, bureau providers and corporate clients in a range of industries including pathology, radiology and optometry.

We offer the best medical billing software pricing

As a medical practitioner, you want to provide the best treatment for your patients. However, we understand that the admin burden behind the business side of running a medical practice can be overwhelming. This is why we have been developing innovative technologies and medical billing software solutions to manage and support the business side of medical practices since 1999. As one of the leading medical billing and EMR companies, the dedicated staff here at Healthbridge work hard to minimise your admin burden by offering face-to-face consultations, superior client support, and an optional medical bureau service to manage your claims admin.

The Healthbridge team is also well-trained, experienced and knowledgeable. We are committed to seeing our client’s businesses succeed. There are plenty of training videos and manuals to watch and download from our website. To further add to our services, doctors and admin staff can book training sessions with our skilled Business Consultants. We will show you how to benefit from the full potential of Healthbridge medical practice management software.

Although we offer the best medical billing solutions and outsourced billing services, we provide so much more business value to your practice. For example, registering with medical aids is crucial for any medical practice. We will assist you with the process and ensure that payments are not delayed. Plus, with our billing software, not only can you send your claims electronically and in real-time, but you can also check patient benefits upfront with our Benefit Checker. This means that your admin staff will be aware of any possible co-payment amounts prior to your patient’s consult and can invoice and collect from the patient before they leave your practice. By using the top medical billing software systems available in South Africa and collecting payments owed before the patient leaves, your practice is guaranteed to be more productive, with better cash flow.

Our clinical / EMR software services enable medical practitioners to have more time for patients. Our cloud-based clinical app – Dr App – makes it possible for doctors to run a paperless medical practice. All electronic data is stored on a cloud server and can be accessed any time of day, from any device.

The Dr App helps medical practitioners monitor a patient’s health. Important information about medical conditions, weight, blood pressure and much more can be stored and referred to whenever needed. However, should you wish to continue physically writing notes, Dr App, makes it easy for medical practitioners to digitise their paper patient files via myPatientFiles.

There are other affordable complimentary products that can improve your business operations and the patient experience. That is why Healthbridge has joined forces with specialised technology partners to ensure your practice is equipped with everything you need. For example, Healthbridge has integrated with RecoMed – South AFrica’s leading online patient booking platform. This means that patients can find your practice online through the RecoMed platform and book appointments with your practice. These appointments are then integrated back into the Healthbridge online calendar.

Other partners Healthbridge is affiliated with include SuperSwipe (credit card terminals), Wild Apple (COID claims), and Discovey HealthID to mention but a few.

As you can see, there is an abundance of benefits to realise when deciding to implement our outstanding services at your practice. “Work smarter, not harder.” This will be true of your business when you come to Healthbridge for assistance. Not having to be at the office to access patient files is convenient and can be very useful in emergencies. As a doctor, you can prepare for appointments in advance and don’t need to rely on your admin staff / receptionists to find your patients’ yellow files.

Through automations and streamlined electronic processes, precious time and resources that were dedicated to billing, sending and managing claims or writing invoices can be saved. The cost of our medical billing solutions, EMR and practice management software is reasonable and clients know that value for money is guaranteed. Best of all, everything can be done from an integrated, digital, cloud-based platform.

Our medical practice management software will increase productivity and revenue in no time. With us you can expect competitive medical billing software pricing and exceptional service. Experience in the field, along with new-age technology designed specifically for the medical industry, is definitely a key factor when it comes to attaining success and gaining a competitive advantage.

To get more efficient systems in place at your medical practice, contact Healthbridge today. We will gladly assist you and give you more detailed information about our reputable EMR and medical billing software.

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