For Bureau providers

Healthbridge offers Bureau providers a cloud-based, user-friendly, configurable platform designed to drive results for your business and the practices you serve.

Popular features that will simplify your Bureau processes
Make collections and billing simple with easy to use features that ensure you and your clients get paid quickly, with minimal effort.
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Benefits that will help your business thrive

Cloud-based technology

Cloud-based proven technology, stores your data securely and provides you with a real-time view and access to the practices you serve, from any location. Plus, cloud technology enables instant software updates with no costly onsite visits and no additional software packages (i.e. Windows) required.

Dynamic reporting and dashboards

Know how the practices you serve are performing with customisable financial dashboards that can be viewed in real-time for all practices and by practice. Conversely, know how each staff member is performing with comprehensive admin staff reporting dashboards.


Boost your efficiency with rich, configurable, practice-level pricing. The investment we have made ensures that you have the correct rates and rich modifiers for all the specialities you serve. Provide your clients you serve with professional looking software with our white labelling design.You can also request your own website to enhance your online presence.

Software designed specifically for Bureaus

Save time capturing line by line patient data with our Global search database. Plus, every night, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) will study your client’s most preferred ICD 10 codes, procedures and consumables used and automate universal templates for easy billing.

Resources for you

Running a bureau isn’t easy. We are constantly trying to make it easier for you to manage the business side of your clients. Here are a few resources that we have compiled to help.

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