Cloud-based clinical & billing software designed to make your practice thrive

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate forever & that includes your medical practice.

If you’re not already running your practice using cloud-based technology, you may now, more than ever, be aware of the benefits that you’re missing out on. We want to help you realise these benefits and therefore have made the transition to digital super easy with a special financial offer, designed to help new practices join our community.

To see the special financial offer designed for your speciality, click on your speciality below:

Here’s why over 5 000 medical professionals have signed up with Healthbridge

Capturing clinical notes is as easy. Plus with cloud-based technology, no data gets lost

Dr. Doorhag
General Practitioner, Springs

I am now able to have more eye contact with patients as less handwriting is needed

Dr. Sandy
General Practitioner, Rustenburg

A great paperless management system that enables you to do quick note capturing with easy access to prior patient details, allergies, etc.

Dr. Lottering
General Practitioner, Clarsfontein

Resources for you

Running a practice isn't easy. Here are a few resources that we have compiled to help make the business side of your practice more management

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