A cloud based user friendly,
configurable platform designed to drive results for specialists and large, multi­disciplinary practices

iHealth Benefits that go beyond treating patients

As an iHealth client, you’ll feel appreciated and supported due to the many benefits of iHealth’s cloud­based billing platform:
First­rate data security. iHealth’s cloud technology ensures your practice data and passwords are protected at the same level as the banks. Plus, your practice is protected from data loss and costly reinstalls should your computer crash.

Artificial Intelligence and smart technology built into iHealth ensures that admin is made lighter for you and your practice. Giving you more time to focus on what matters, treating patients.

Convenient access to your business, anytime, anywhere.
Easy access to support via phone, chat, and email.
Rich functionality for your speciality. The investment we have made ensures that your practice has the correct rates and rich modifiers for your unique speciality. This ensures that your practice can send claims easily at the maximum value without forgetting any consumables / procedures.

No long term contracts with a clear and simple pricing model.

If you are an Anaesthetist or Bureau, click the relevant block below for our customised solution.
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    Features that will streamline your revenue cycle management process:


    Global patient search

    Using minimal search criteria, you can search for existing patient account details within the iHealth community, avoiding unnecessary recapture of patient information.

    Data cruncher

    Every night, using AI, the system will study your most common ICD 10 codes, procedures and consumables used and present this report to you in a simple list that you can action.

    Configurable pricing

    Your practice’s billing can be setup according to your preferred rates with ease. All pricing will then be allocated automatically without manual interventions required.

    Family check

    Check medical aid membership validation for all dependents. Accurate and current details are automatically imported.

    Claim tracker

    Enables you to monitor payments that have come through for claims. Makes it much easier to organise your claims so that it’s easy to identify tasks for the day.

    Claim reversals

    Fix and resubmit claims sent in error.

    Global claim templates

    Create customisable templates which will have the correct rates and rich modifiers so you can send claims easily at the maximum value.

    Automated reconciliations

    Have the majority of your claims automatically reconciled, saving your practice precious time.

    Easy invoicing

    Statements and invoices are generated and automatically sent.

    Configurable invoices

    Flexible invoice number configuration and account number generation.

    SMS notifications

    Send SMS invoices and payment reminders to patients.

    Online payment portal

    Enable patients to make easy payments immediately through an online portal.

    Customised report packs

    View customisable financial reports in real­time.

    Business insights dashboard

    View key business metrics around your financial and operational data that will give you insights to help you improve efficiency.

    Staff management features

    Rich admin user profile set­up

    Admin profiles can be setup based on access level requirements. This includes a full trackable audit trail of their activity.

    Admin task management

    Admin can arrange tasks, reminders and notes functionality at patient account level.

    Email inbox

    All communication sent from or to iHealth is stored within a centralised inbox.

    Staff performance tracking

    With comprehensive admin staff reporting dashboards, you will be able to track and know at a glance, how each staff member is performing.


    White labelling (Optional extra):

    White label the software with your own logo. You can also request your own website to enhance your online presence.

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