Are you spending more time with yellow files than with patients? Healthbridge can change that with our intuitive and easy to use clinical platform that is designed specifically for the medical practitioner at the practice.

Easily access patient
Cloud-based technology enables you to store rich clinical information that can be easily accessed as and when you need it.
Become a paperless
Create scripts, sick notes and clinical notes electronically. Plus, have all your Ampath and Lancet patient pathology reports sent directly to your mobile device.
Monitor patient progress
over time
Store patient clinical metrics such as height, weight, blood pressure, BMI and more. Over time, spot trends and warning signals.
Clinical features that will simplify patient care
Easy to use online clinical functionality that will enable you to provide a better patient experience.

Access patient consultation notes and outcomes online including diagnoses, allergies, prescriptions, medical certificates and pathology results.

Patients checked into the online calendar will reflect in the virtual waiting room. Know how busy your waiting room is to help schedule time accordingly.

Print or email sick notes and prescriptions.

Customise and print referral letters for your patients.

Send SMS notifications to patients, including test results and follow-up visits.

Clinical information is easily converted to billing instructions.

View real-time charts that provide valuable insights into the financial and operational well-being of your practice.

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Looking for something else? We also offer solutions within Billing and Outsourced Billing Solutions.

See how our clinical administration can help your practice
Everything you need to provide a better patient experience
Healthbridge makes it easier for doctors to manage their clinical process so they provide a better patient experience.
Join the brand that over 5 000 doctors already trust.
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