Ivone Veiga-Moroldo
Executive Marketing and Product Success
“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Ivone has spent the past 16 years working for Nando’s Chickenland, Electrolux Large Appliances and Healthbridge; primarily engaged in marketing and product management. Today at Healthbridge she continues to oversee the product management teams to ensure that across the board, value is experienced by clients through Healthbridge’s service offerings and that the organisation continuously delivers to its brand promise – Healthbridge is committed to the business of a doctors practice freeing them up to focus on their patients.
When not in the office
Ivone’s greatest happiness in life is that she gets to be both mom and a career woman. She loves the fact that she can come to work every day and make a difference to our very important South African healthcare industry; and then in the evenings she gets to spend time with her beautiful and energetic toddler. Besides spending time with family, Ivone loves travelling to old beautiful European cities as well as staying healthy with some pilates on the side.
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