Paul Hendey
Executive Value Enabling
“Magic happens when Trusted Relationships, Unique Business Insights and Digital come together, to deliver Value”
Paul joined a (then) start-up company called Healthbridge in October 2000. 17 years on, and Paul continues to help to develop a business founded on core values, one that sustainably provides value to our important healthcare industry. Paul works with a team of smart, engaged, professionals who are united in their passion to help shape a better healthcare future for SA. As an executive he is acutely aware of both the privilege and responsibility in helping to lead the orange-blooded tribe called Healthbridge.
When not in the office
Paul loves spending quality time with his family and friends. He enjoys craziness with his children, red wine with his wife, and golf with his friends. Paul is married to his beautiful wife, Heather (14 years+). Together they are privileged to shape, and be shaped by, their three beautiful children – 2 ‘boysie’ boys, and a precious little angel girl.
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