Business Insights (BI) Dashboard

Make better decisions with tailored Financial, Operational & Clinical reports

Advanced business insights that illustrate Financial, Operational & Clinical metrics for better decision-making & practice performance monitoring.

Benefits that go beyond standard reports


Discover useful trends

Each report is tailored for your practice, enabling you to make good business decisions for your unique practice.


Less admin

Reports are automatically compiled for you. What currently takes you hours to consolidate will now take you 5 minutes a day to view.


Spot areas of risk

View trends, gather insights
& analyse past decisions to spot potential risks for
your business.

What do each of the Financial, Clinical, & Operational summary dashboards show me about my business?

Financial Dashboard

Shows you a custom financial snapshot & trending 6 month view of your practice & the financial health of areas:

Operational Dashboard

Provides key operational insights and trends on areas of:

Clinical Dashboard

Provides a 3 month clinical summary of Schemes, diagnosis, procedures used, Acute vs Chronic & top meds & consumable dispensed

Resources for you

Running a practice isn't easy. Here are a few resources that we have compiled to help make the business side of your practice more manageable

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